The technology related to The Freedom Coin is as follows:

Coin Name: The Freedom Coin

Algorithm: X11

Ticker: TFC

Type: PoS/Masternode

POS Reward: 10

Masternode Reward: 10

Masternode Collateral: 5 000

Block Size: 3 MB

Max Supply: 25,000,000

Premined: 26,625 %   (6 656 250 Premine Total)

Block Time: 60 Sec

Block Halving: -18% / Year

Block Reward : 20

Min Stake Age: 24 Hours

Mainnet: P2P port 7118

RPC port 7117

Pays Returns Monthly

0% Incentive Fee

60% Managed by Traders and Ai Trading Bots 40% Managed by the Community through a decentralised voting system

Can be used as a payment Method

Can invest in anything investments approved by the governance voting system

TFC will never borrow money

0% Asset Managment Fee

Coins, Shared Nodes and Masternodes can be sold at anytime

24 hours full transparency

Masternodes generate additional rewards in coins, thus generating a higher ROI

Pays Returns Bi-Annually or Annually

20% Incentive Fee

100% Managed by Hedge Fund Manager

Can not be used as a payment method

Can invest in anything decision made by Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge funds will often use borrowed money to amplify their returns

2% Asset Management Fee

Hedge funds typically require investors to lock up money for a period of years

Wait for Reports to be released Bi-Annually or Annually

Does not generate more shares in the Hedge Fund