The Freedom Coin Hedge Fund 2.0. Master node technology and decentralised governance enables masternode holders to invest in The Freedom Coin Blockchain with 4 times the value compared to legacy hedge funds. With The Freedom Coin portal products returns are transparent users can log in at anytime to see the progress of project the community voted on as well as all the open, closed and active trades of the trading product. Generating multiple rewards to the community.



Instead of just receiving rewards for owning a Masternode like other Masternode cryptocurrencies, TFC Masternode owners are also paid an additional network support fee in BTC for supporting the network. This incentivizes Masternode holders to keep their Masternodes. This is calculated from the pool of TFC production.

It also gives each owner a vote on the future of products and development within the project. Participants of the ICO that purchase shared or full masternoodes will immediately start generating more TFCs producing an instant return on investment.

In addition, there is the normal Masternode reward that is paid to Masternode holders from the pool of daily TFC production. TFC Wallet owners also stand a chance to receive Proof of stake rewards.

Pays Returns Monthly

0% Incentive Fee

60% Managed by Traders and Ai Trading Bots 40% Managed by the Community through a decentralised voting system

Can be used as a payment Method

Can invest in anything investments approved by the governance voting system

TFC will never borrow money

0% Asset Managment Fee

Coins, Shared Nodes and Masternodes can be sold at anytime

24 hours full transparency

Masternodes generate additional rewards in coins, thus generating a higher ROI

Pays Returns Bi-Annually or Annually

20% Incentive Fee

100% Managed by Hedge Fund Manager

Can not be used as a payment method

Can invest in anything decision made by Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge funds will often use borrowed money to amplify their returns

2% Asset Management Fee

Hedge funds typically require investors to lock up money for a period of years

Wait for Reports to be released Bi-Annually or Annually

Does not generate more shares in the Hedge Fund

The Freedom Coin Vision

Make TFC the HODL coin of choice. The rationale is to provide the crypto community with a coin suitable for transacting, governed by the holders of TFC Masternodes and linked to a TFC reward system.

The Freedom Coin Objectives

To realisethe vision of TFC requires the provision of a coin backed by more than just the underlying technology. The objectives of TFC are…

The Freedom Coin Customer Persona

The TFC customer has been assessed using the Customer Experience Management (CEM) method and depicted in a Successful Customer Outcome Canvas.