The Freedom Coin (TFC) – The Way All Cryptocurrencies Should Be

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new cryptocurrency project – The Freedom Coin (TFC). TFC saw the light when business partners Douglas Bothma and Liaan Roodt saw the need for a comprehensive cryptocurrency that fills the void where other cryptocurrencies are simply lacking.

Where crypto startups are often not sustainable beyond the funding stage, TFC aims to change of all of this through superior speed, unique governance and increased motivation to hold TFC for the long run. TFC Masternode holders also have access to Value Added Product Services (VAPS) through a diversified portfolio that creates additional streams of income.

Fastest altcoin transaction times on the market

TFC is the fastest altcoin on the market aimed at real-world transactions. Transactions are executed at 265 transactions per second, in comparison to BTC which can only muster 4-5 transactions per second and Ethereum (ETH) which manages 20 transactions per second. Thus, TFC can keep the pace with production online payment gateways like PayPal which handles 193 transactions per second.

One major shortcoming of Bitcoin (BTC) as a cryptocurrency is that the community does not have enough input in the decision-making process. A few other cryptocurrencies have tried to change this traditional stance on governance, like DASH which introduced the concept of Masternodes and voting rights. TFC Masternode holders have a say in the decision-making process and can vote on project decisions through a voting system. Just like DASH, TFC also relies on Masternodes to support the TFC blockchain. When the TFC cryptocurrency performance allows, TFC Masternode holders will be able to vote and recommend other cryptocurrency opportunities to strengthen the TFC community. This will benefit Masternode holders directly by generating additional rewards.

Increased rewards for Masternode holders

Instead of just receiving rewards for owning a Masternode like other Masternode cryptocurrencies, TFC Masternode owners are also paid an additional network support fee in BTC for maintaining the network. This incentivizes Masternode holders to keep their Masternodes when there are lots of Masternodes on the network and even when the value of the coin decreases. This is calculated from the pool of TFC production. In addition, there is the normal Masternode reward that is paid to Masternode holders from the pool of daily TFC production. Unlike BTC, TFC is a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency so Masternode and normal wallet holders are paid TFC for every 24 hours that they hold TFC in their wallets.

Transactional features unique to TFC

TFC has a block size of 3MB which is 3 times the size of the BTC block. This means that a lot more transactions can be processed within each block. It only takes a single minute to produce and verify a new block on the blockchain. BTC is comparatively slow at around 10 minutes per block. This makes TFC viable as a payment method. When TFC is not spent, because it is a PoS cryptocurrency, users are incentivised to keep their coins and earn rewards for holding the currency instead of dumping them on the open market and driving the price of the cryptocurrency down. Transaction fees are also exceptionally low, with the average TFC transaction costing around 0.0001 TFC (around $0.000185) at the time of writing. TFC will also finalize agreements with payment merchants by mid July 2018 so that TFC will be a credible online payment method.

TFC Launch and Masternode Presale

The TFC blockchain officially launches on 8 May 2018 with a Masternode presale. Each Masternode costs 5000 TFC or 1 BTC. There will only be 1000 Masternodes available from the premined coins. It is advisable to purchase a Masternode early as the price will increase after the first phase of the launch. On 1 June 2018 the price will increase to 1.5 BTC per Masternode and the 15th of June will see prices at 2 BTC per Masternode.

About The Freedom Coin (TFC) Team

The TFC team comprises Founder and CEO, Douglas Bothma as well as CTO Liaan Roodt. Together they have launched TFC, as a cryptocurrency solution. They also play an active role in the communities of a number of other altcoins. They are supported by Esté Rothmann as Advisor and have a design and an admin team consisting of Ashton Dookhilal, Jessi Fann and Louis Nel.

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