The Freedom Coin Hedge Fund 2.0. Master node technology and decentralised governance enables masternode holders to invest in The Freedom Coin Blockchain with 4 times the value compared to legacy hedge funds. With The Freedom Coin portal products returns are transparent users can log in at anytime to see the progress of project the community voted on as well as all the open, closed and active trades of the trading product. Generating multiple rewards to the community.

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Important note: TFC wallet required. View our guides on how to create a wallet
How to join the Freedom Coin presale?
  1. Download the TFC wallet.
  2. Register or Login on The Freedom Coin Portal and verify your email address to activate your portfolio.
  3. Submit your request with your TFC wallet address on the order page.
  4. Once we receive payment on your order, we will send the TFC coins to your supplied TFC address within 48 hours or send you the details to your shared masternode or if you purchased coins for your own (self hosted) masternode please update your masternode details from your My Profile page to enable network support fee payouts.
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Please make sure you have registered on The Freedom Coin Portal so we can assist you. Copy and paste the following link in your browser and register on the portal :

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